Road to Morocco: Art Installation


From November 1–November 19, 2016, GS Green Generation will be in Marrakech, Morocco to participate in the COP 22 and the COY 12. Our mission is to spread sustainable education to others at the world’s largest climate change convention. During our planning sessions, we were inspired by a podcast episode of This American Life which introduced a unique telephone booth in Japan called the ‘wind telephone.’

The phone is owned by 70 year old gardener, Itaru Sasaki, who bought the telephone booth after his cousin died. To him, his phone was a way to express his love to the dead. In 2011 an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, causing many families to devastatingly lose their loved ones. When word spread of the ‘wind telephone,’ people traveled from all over Japan to use the telephone for a chance to correspond with their loved ones. Similar to the phone booth in Japan, we hope to create a platform for people from all over to express their feelings towards climate change.

Inspired by Green School’s bamboo architecture, we have designed an easy-to-set-up bamboo structure to act as our communication area any time an opportunity or space arises. In this booth, pictures of the detriments and losses of climate change, along with quotes from fellow youth activists, will surround visitors. When people enter, they will be prompted to share their feelings on climate change by speaking into a recorder. Anything goes; discussion points for these visitors could include sharing their personal connections to climate change, messages they have for future generations, or their feelings on participating in this conference. If the participant feels uncomfortable, then their thoughts may be alternatively written down. Upon collecting the recordings, we will weave people’s voices into a collective podcast.

Now, we need your help. We plan to complete the construction of this booth by the end of the week. It will be set up in the week following the October Break for parents, teachers, and fellow students to add their own thoughts and messages on the topic. As a community, Green School has a wide awareness on the detriments of climate change, but we each have a different idea of what it means to us. This is our chance to bring together our thoughts and wishes for the future generations about this urgent topic.


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