Ideas to Realities: transforming energy for a better future


There is something magical about being involved in a process that transforms from the seedling of an idea to an actual realized physical experience. There is something contagious about the energy that surrounds such an ideation process, and it is this energy that becomes a transformative catalyst. It is this ‘making something out of nothing’ that I feel is embodied by Green School. It is the positive energy of the community that allows such things to grow and develop, to be defined and refined. It is from processes like these that green leaders emerge.

Sitting on a plane, suspended mid-air somewhere between Dubai and Paris, my computer blinking the time 11.21 am confidently at me, I begin to wonder where it is 11.21am at all. Time begins to become so abstract, and yet time in this moment is flailing its short limbs at us, demanding we do something. As we fly backwards in time from Bali to Europe, Sarita and I realize that we really are going ‘Back to the Future,’ as we are about to become a part of a collective global movement, looking at ways to live sustainably for our collective future.

We are supporting our group of students Green School Green Generation, which began as an idea, in the abstract, in Emily’s class a few months ago, and which is now being physically realized on the streets of Paris – at the COY11 where they have been heard in debate and presentation, and throughout the trip they are performing the Noble Material Roadshow, using theatre as a platform for the conveying of message – these students are personifying the Green School vision and mission – to be stewards and green leaders in these changing times. They are inspiring other young people all over the world through their knowledge, confidence, and passion. They are making a clear statement that children can, and will, affect positive and peaceful change.

Time may be abstract, but we can all hear it ticking. I am grateful to be part of a place that inspires ideas which grow into actual realities. A place that is going to inspire many others, from across our collective home, to send seeds of ideas deep into our collective earth so we can grow a new future.

We will keep you guys updated daily as this process in Paris changes and responds to the energy that is being put into it.





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