GS Green Generation visited international school in paris


Yesterday on the 30.11.2015 we went to an International school in paris. It was very early in the morning when we woke up. We travelled about forty to fifty minutes with the Parisian metro until we arrived at the school. Right away two lovely students from high school took us to the big morning assembly.


It was very interesting to see the difference between Green School and an western school. When we entered the big room we got welcomed with a nice performance of their high school band, after, we had the chance to speak and present our projects. Everybody liked it very much but the most students had to go to their normal classes afterwards, only a part of grade nine and ten were staying with us.


After we introduced ourselves and went more in detail about what we are doing and why we came to Paris, they were starting to ask questions and the first question was: “What is it like living in Bali?”. Quite a few of the questions were more personal but of course there were questions like “What is your curriculum?”, “what classes do you participate in?” or “is it easy to get accepted at a university?”. We got to know them personally which was also very nice. We will be returning to this school next Thursday to perform Noble Material in front of the high school, and we can’t wait!         


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