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Since landing at Charles De Gaulle airport just a short few days ago, the whole GSGreenGeneration team has been thrust into a whirlwind–a chilly whirlwind–of workshops, debates, presentations, performances, flash mobs, cheese, early morning metro trips, plastic costume fittings and press interviews. Already, this experience has far exceeded all of our expectations!

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It really did not take long for GS Green Generation to make a name for themselves at the COY11. By the last day, nearly everyone at the conference knew of the group and of Green School, and most of the press were seeking interviews.
Bye Bye Plastic Bagphoto (31)s and Noble Material received a standing ovation in a room of more than 800 people on the last day of the COY! It was so exhilarating for all of us! After the performance, the cameras, microphones, and press teams began lining up… Instead of getting lost in the excitement of all the attention we were getting, we took a moment for ourselves away from the crowds.


Huddled in the corner of the assembly room, students, parents and teachers took a minute to pause and reflect. We repeated the affirmation drafted weeks ago in the Heart of School that Ibu Nicola practiced with us often. We were reminded of our mission and how the cameras, microphones, and press teams could serve our mission and provide us a platform for sharing our message and raising awareness. As Kassie proclaims in Noble Material: “This is bigger than each organization or initiative. This is bigger than us. If we want to make a change, we have to work together.”

GS Shoes

We were reminded of our Green School community and this kept us grounded. The image of everyone in the Sangkep raising their shoes up in solidarity was felt here on so many levels. We are so grateful that we have a community that supports us and keeps us grounded as we navigate through this new exhilarating environment. This is just the beginning of our journey here in Paris. As we look forward to what will come, we also look back to the place we come from with gratitude and pride.


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