Opening of COY11


Today was the opening of the COY11 – the eleventh Conference of Youth. The opening ceremony featured Ahmad Alhendawi – United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, French Minister -Patrick Kanner and the leader of Earth Guardians – Xiuhtezcatl. Everyone gave powerful and inspiring speeches that reassured us that what we are doing is great.

We then wandered off into the stands of many activist communities from around the world, debated and had delicious food that had a close to zero carbon footprint. Everyone was very kind and helpful and thus it was simply a pleasure to work with them.IMG_0555


It was so great to meet all these amazing likeminded people that are as passionate as us about this important world issue we are facing. We look forward to working and listening to them on a regular basis for the next two days. We are extremely happy to be here and will do everything to spread the word and have a lot of fun while doing it.


About Author

Borys is 17 years old, and has been attending Green School Bali since 2015. He is part of the GS Green Generation activist group. He's originally from Poland, but is half of the latter and half Dutch.

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