The trip to Paris


It just got real! Waiting in line to check in, boarding the plane, leaving Bali!!! Every step we take is a step closer to the grounds of paris, and to meeting likeminded individuals that have the same intentions and vision for this world as we do. I almost couldn’t sleep on the plane! So many butterflies in my tummy! I’m sure the team all felt the same, anticipating our landing. WE ARE GOING TO PARIS! The COY11 and COP21 are events / experiences I already know I won’t forget and will be close to my heart.

Currently, we’re all relaxing in this humongous airport of Doha, it’s already pretty cold here. We’re all huddling with all the layers we have. I wonder how cold it’s going to be in Paris! This is going to be my first time travelling to Europe during winter time! It’ll be exciting. It’s now 3:37 am in the morning, the airport is quiet only a few people around, they were on the same plane coming here. So, we used this calm scene as an opportunity to walk around in our orang-utan masks. Three names for the three masks we brought, Kali, Manti and Api. We just came back from taking sad face photo’s next to bars of kit kat and other palm oil things!

I am really looking forward to getting on this last plane and landing in Paris. 8 hours is a long lay over! But it is nice to have friends around you, some slept, some worked, and some ate. We are ready to discover and bring back what this journey has to offer us.

Next stop, Paris!



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