Noble Material Roadshow Fashion Show


Welcome to GS Green Generation’s Upcycled Fashion Show featuring couture created from our community’s trash.  All pieces were designed and made by Green School parents and staff.

Our clothing designers include Mariana of Makjak, Prenny Ashanti, Barbara Compostella and Nathalie Komarenko.

The shoes, designed and created for this collection by Sophie Akkineni, are in line with the concepts of the costumes themselves.  Each pair of shoes has its own unique name.

All of this couldn’t be possible without the fantastic PAK MURI who tailored the pieces and the help of Dzheren Alieva, Eugenie and Anastacia  Andreeva and Pauline Obrien.  

Meet Crylex.  She is wearing our first phenomenal piece created by Prenny Ashanti. It is made entirely from rice bags and the flowers are created from recycled plastic bags. Decorated with colorful sequins, this piece is representative of the incredible patterns found in Balinese batik  and speaks back to the traditions of Bali.  Her shoes are called “Bunga Putri”.



Protec is wearing a fashion statement of a dress created by Barbara Compostela. It’s made exclusively from bubble wrap and plastic bags and symbolizes the sad paradox that is the beauty of the sea and the lost plastic found within it. Black and white plastic bags were chosen, for the duality of its meaning: the good and evil, the ying and yang, the white and black spirits.  Her shoes are named “Butterfly Effection”.

 DSC_9876 DSC_9880DSC_9890 DSC_9882

Our character, Polymir is the plastic bag personified, created by Mariana of Makjak. Its unique aesthetic is created by ironing recycled plastic bags together. The colors used, merah and putih,  represent Indonesia, and the flowers on the belt are symbolic of the beautiful flowers found here. Her shoes are called  “Samporna Indo”.  #byebyeplasticbag

 DSC_9884 DSC_9887 DSC_9889

Fibrolan  is rocking out in another dress created by Prenny Ashanti. It is made from plastic and all those abandoned mini sachets around Bali that can’t be recycled, shredded into tiny pieces. That’s why the message  “read the labels – you are what you eat” – can be found across the back. The colors represent the multitude of products we consume on a daily basis without any thought to their ingredients.  Black fabric acts as a reminder to the thoughtlessness of the general consumer.  Her shoes are called “Consumer Love”.


DSC_9899 DSC_9901 DSC_9903 DSC_9908

Isoplast is wearing a little black cocktail dress, created by Prenny Ashanti. It’s made using a unique technique of ironed fabric – a hybrid of plastic bags and rice bags for the front panelling and  represents the mourning of the rice fields which are being sold slowly but surely for hotels & resorts.  Her shoes are called “Nasi Ular”

DSC_9909 DSC_9913 DSC_9916

Teflon: is, as you can see,  strutting the straw. Created by Mariana of Makjak. Her dress is completely made from straws, thread, and elastic to allow for ease of movement. The colors used are representative of Green School, the sun of Bali, and the black for the Kalimantan Fires. Her shoes are named “Straw Groove”.  #strawssuck

DSC_9918 DSC_9866DSC_9921

PVC: is wearing a smashing suit, created by Mariana of MakJak and Barbara Compostela. This two piece is durable – he is ready for anything.  The jacket is made from ironed fabric  of plastic bags,  Bottle tops, and dvds. The trousers are made of tires and plastic from inflatables. It represents the notorious piles of garbage found all over Bali. PVCs shoes are “Ying Yang Striders”.        #Earth to Paris

  DSC_9926 DSC_9929 DSC_9931 DSC_9933

Acuflex  is wearing a Kimono made with rice bags created by Nathalie Komarenko.  This haute-coutre piece represents Asia and the staple food that is so important to every Asian culture, the importance of land for farming rice, and time honoured traditions.  His shoes are named “Peace Feet”.  #wearenotafraid



And here is our fashion show at Green School, Bali on Friday, November 20th


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