Jalan-Jalan Wednesday


Wednesdays are a bit different here at Green School.

Every Wednesday, instead of normal classes, each student gets to choose an enrichment project to take part in.

Here are some photos of the interesting enrichment projects the first block of this year.

Creating some amazing tie-dye t-shirts

Creating some amazing tie-dye t-shirts

Art projects. As there are quite some talented artists at Green School the high school students were given the option of taking time to work on their own are projects.

Getting ready to go out on the second trek of the day.

Getting ready to go out on the second trek of the day.

Cycling around campus was an option for both middle school and high school students. They got to explore the tracks around campus aswell as cycle quite some distance to places like Denpasar.

Living on Bali I’m sure you can image a lot of the students at Green School love to surf. SO for those keen surfers, and there’s quite a few of them believe me, there was an opportunity to go out surfing and maybe even explore some new breaks for the students new to Bali.
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