Hit the Ground Running Towards Bali


“We are leaving for Bali in two months and living there for a year.” Those words were the most frightinging words I have ever heard. Not because of my mom, but the fact that I was leaving the whole world I know and moving half way across the planet.

All I could think about was leaving my friends. Every thought, emotion, feeling was moving. Leaving my home that I have lived in all my life. But another struggle I had was telling the people I loved I was leaving them. Being a teenager I hated the fact. I did not want to go anywhere. I was comfortable and wasn’t ready. Strange to think in six weeks I would change my mind.

A lot of my weeks were spent trying to get every second, minute, hour trying to soak up as many memories I could before I left. We all know life isn’t perfect, and as devine right order works I got into a huge fight with my friends. More and more things happened and at that point I relized that maybe it would be best if I left for a while. But, I still wasn’t 100 percent sure about moving.

While I only had a few days left, I told family and friends goodbye.

As I landed in Denpassar at midnight I could not see anything but a lot of people and a huge airport buiding. We got our bags and went through security. By then we were tired and ready to go home. We were very exited finally to be in Bali!

As we got into the car it was pitch black and I could just see bright  car lights. We met my mom’s friend from years ago and strated to drive. We found out that we did not know exaclty where we were going we had to stop a few times to  try and find the address which was imposible because there are no numbers for adresses We drove and drove in the dark hoping we would find our villa.

It was about maybe four in the morning when we drove up a skinny road leading us to a big white building in a place called Canggu. Once we got into the villa, we passed out and surprisingly woke up only hours after.

I probably wont ever forget this moment… I walked outside. I see a beautiful long green rice field. Tall bright green palm trees with big round coconuts attached. The most stunning sight I have ever seen.

I knew right then that I could stay in Bali.

It all started with one week being there, two weeks, three, and now I can’t remember how long. I have enjoyed every second. The villages, school, friends, markets, rice, and all the wonderful projects.

I regret ever thinking I did not want to come, but I think in a way that made me enjoy my experience here just a little more.



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Hello. My name is Luba. I was born in Russia and now I am living in South Carolina. I just moved to Bali this year and enjoying the new culture and Green School :)

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