“Has anyone seen my red thong?!”


“Has anyone seen my red thong?”

In response to what I thought was a seemingly innocent question, my American teacher stood in front of me, slack jaw, with an utterly horrified expression plastered on his face. For all those confused-as-I-was Aussies out there, a friend later told me that Americans call the pieces of rubber you wear on your feet ‘flip-flops’ and a thong a little piece of lacey clothing worn down under.

Green School is a melting pot of nationalities. As mentioned during Ban Ki-Moon’s visit (find out more here), our bamboo learning playground is United Nations.  And with 400+ students from across the globe, there are bound to be a few instances of perdu dans les traductions (lost in translations).

Shamefully, in my two years here, the Americano accent has somewhat rubbed off on me… However, each and every day I am surprised at the strange and stranger slang interpretations that popup.

Here are a few of my favourites:

–          Mate vs. Friend

–          Budgie Smugglers vs. Banana Hammock (Bike Shorts)

–          Togs vs. Swimsuit

–          Tuning vs. Friends with Benefits

–          Chips vs. French Fries

–          Sheila vs. Chick

–          Bogan vs. Redneck

–          Rubber vs. Eraser

–          Arvo vs. Afternoon

–          OJ vs. Orange juice

–          Chook vs. Chicken

–          Barbie vs. BBQ

–           “It’s a stinker!” vs. “It is a hawt day”

–          “We’re up the creek,” vs. “We’re in trouble.”

–          “I reckon,” vs. “I think, I guess….”

–          “Strewth! Crikey!” vs. “Oh my EAGLE, that’s a surprise!” (I’m making the bird thing up…)

–          “Naf,” vs. “Lame.”

–          “Bloody oath,” vs. “Totally.”  

–          “No worries,” vs. “Don’t beat yourself up.”

–          “Wishy-washy,” vs. “Indecisive.”


And some other famous Australian Sayings…

“Nah but.”


“Fair dinkum.”

“Yeah no.”

“Yeah but.”


“Bloody keen for Kuta!”

*Thank you to all of my Australian and American friends for contributing to this article, including the wonderful Ibu Jen from the Art Studio



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