Photography Workshop in Lujan, Argentina




This summer I was lucky enough to take a photography workshop in Lujan, Argentina. Lujan is a province of Buenos Aires, and even though it is only about an hour away from the city it feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. I left to our destination on a train and just as the sun was beginning to set I watched the crowded city and buildings of the capital weave out into isolated farm camps and fields. I arrived to where I would be staying for the next four days, a quaint farm house heated by a wood burning stove. The rest of the people taking the workshop were to arrive the next day. Over the course of the four day workshop I worked and made friends with a group of inspiring and individualistic people, and got to experience a part of Argentina I had never been to along with taking pictures everyday. Here are some of my pictures from the retreat:

A group photo...

A group photo…
















_DSC0106 2






Reviewing photos at sunset with a bonfire.

Reviewing photos at sunset with a bonfire.





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