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We are thrilled to be taking part of our first (of hopefully many) ISTA theater festivals here in Chennai.  Ista has nearly 200 members:  International Schools across the globe who participate in their teacher trainings, student workshops, IB theater certifications, and artist in residence offerings.  Our students have been receiving top notch instruction from their pool of International teaching artists as well as local offerings in Indian Martial Arts, Indian Dance, and Indian theater.  They have been divided into three groups with different artistic focuses (Read more about this in Emily’s blogpost) and are currently in their last rehearsals before their big performance tonight.  We are so excited to see and hear and experience their production.  They have been composing, creating shadow theater, and movement to represent and express their ideas about Equality, Dignity and Security for women throughout the world.  They have visited a temple and an amazing NGO (see Becca’s Blog about BANYAN), and our students have completed a 6 week course back at Green School exploring women’s issues and theater to prepare themselves for all of this.

This Ista experience has been extremely inspiring for me and has given me some wonderful professional development as well.  Emily and I have been able to attend several incredible workshops and just being able to connect with other passionate theater teachers working around the world has been valuable.  I am so thrilled to have found this community of peers and mentors and it is touching to see our students and their hard work and dedication to this project.  It has been non stop for three straight days. Also, a huge thanks to the American International School in Chennai.  They have been so generous with their incredible campus, their homestays, transport and wonderful catering.

We will be getting a video of the performance. Please enjoy this spread of action shots from some of their physical theater sessions on stage.

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