The Little Things- What Green School Students Miss About Home


Living in Bali is an incredibly unique adventure, as it is a place that is full of surprises. The vast majority of students at Green School are not from Indonesia, and therefore have a ‘home’ that is very different to Bali, and often very far from Bali. The fact that Bali is still developing automatically limits accessibility to certain things such as good Internet, Recees Pieces, good Bacon, Honey Nut Cheerios, Maple syrup, great public transport systems, Seasons, etc. I choose to list these things because they are examples of what I took advantage of before coming to Bali. Even though I was only a 2-hour flight away, in Singapore, the difference in my two homes is quite dramatic. I decided to make a short film about what other people miss about ‘home’, as it’s interesting how the little things become the most significant.



About Author

My name is Becca Stine, I am 17 years old from the USA. I was born in Singapore, and have lived in Asia ever since; and at the Green school since tenth grade.

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