An UNREAL visit to Green School


I first met Kris Bronner, an inspiring young entrepreneur on a mission to ‘unjunk’ the world, at Green School during the first week of March 2013 . Full of smiles and positive vibes, he had come over for dinner at the Green School boarding house, where I stayed.

On interacting with him at the dinner table, he took me on a journey of how his family started   UNREAL, a brand of ‘unjunked’ candy, to prove that candy can be as tasty without the corn syrup, the artificial ingredients, the partially hydrogenated oils, and less sugar.

We exchanged our passions and were blown away by each other’s stories. Kris was preparing for a TED talk that he had to give the following week. He had come to Bali during his gap year after finishing high school to attend a permaculture course. Visiting the Green School had also been in his ‘to-do’ list in Bali. I shared my story with him and showed him some videos of my music. He also enlightened me on some really cool projects he was working on.

Fun fact: Kris is also the innovator of the world’s first levitating food!

The following day, I led him through a tour around Green School and he gave an inspiring talk to the high school, after which he had to leave for the airport. His visit may have been short, but it definitely shed light on how a powerful idea followed through by a small group of people can make a positive impact on our planet.

(Do check out this video made by Mauricio on Kris’s story and his visit to the Green school.)

Before going to the US last winter for uni-hunting, I established contact with Kris again. He is now studying in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) following his passion for food science and technology. On my visit to Boston, he showed me around the MIT campus and even gave me a bag full of UNREAL candy. How awesome!

I brought back the candy to Green school and gave some to my schoolmates and teachers. Everybody absolutely loved it! I personally felt it tasted unreal! Way to go Kris! Green School could definitely do with more of UNREAL candy!


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A native of India, I'm currently a senior at the Green School, Bali. My interests range from anything between music, art and sport to science, design and enterprise. I'm a die-hard Chelsea FC fan and music-lover. I also am the lead guitarist of the band 'Nasi Campur'.

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