Get your own Green School Bamboo Fridge Magnets!


Looking for a perfect gift for to bring back from your visit to the beautiful Green School? Or you just can’t find any good-looking fridge magnets in Bali?

Presenting to you exclusive hand – drawn designs on recycled bamboo cards, made by Green school art students Nina and Achyuth! Our magnets are perfect for anyone looking for cool, cheap, easily portable, yet unique souvenir of Greenschool. These limited-edition fridge magnets, priced at a special offer of Rp. 30K for 1 and 50K for 2, will be on sale at the Green School Circus on Friday 7th of March and at the Green School Shop.


We first got the idea of making fridge magnets, when several people mentioned the lack of any fridge magnets in Bali. We were surprised by this discovery and realized that this might be a potential business gap. Therefore, we decided to take this idea forward in our Art class ‘Market Me’.

Being students from Green School and wanting to use sustainable materials, bamboo was the obvious choice. We decided to laser-print our own designs of Green School on the bamboo cards.  From there, we started negotiating prices with suppliers of bamboo card, laser-printing and magnets. We went through 3-4 different design prototypes, before finalizing the two best ones that we were going to sell.

If the business succeeds, we will experiment with additional designs on fridge magnets, as well as expanding to postcards and signs. There are only few on sale, so make sure to stop by and get your very own Green School Bamboo fridge magnets!



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A native of India, I'm currently a senior at the Green School, Bali. My interests range from anything between music, art and sport to science, design and enterprise. I'm a die-hard Chelsea FC fan and music-lover. I also am the lead guitarist of the band 'Nasi Campur'.

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