The Story of Achyuth Jaigopal-Nasi Campur’s lead Guitarist


Before coming to the Green School I had heard many rumors of this amazing guitarist. Finally, when I came back to Bali, I got to meet this interesting character.

I am in the same graduating class with Achyuth Jaigopal, and through out this school year I’ve been able to have the opportunity to see him play. Together with his band, Nasi Campur, he fills the Bali skies with their mix of reggae and rock, dominating the music scene of Bali.

Achyuth will be coming out with an EP of his original compositions very soon, support him to get his music out there. I’ve had the special chance to interview Achyuth to give everybody a chance to meet this phenomenal musician.



About Author

My name is Tristan Gentry, I am 18 years old and from America and Japan. I was born in Hong Kong, but lived in Bali for most of my life. I have attended the Green School for four years.

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