I live in Bali, Indonesia. I’m a student at an  international, environmentally friendly school and living somewhere that is full of diverse places, people and ideas. However, a lot of these places are extremely urban and don’t include any source of growth or sustainable aspects. A lot of these people want to make a  difference ecologically but don’t have the chance or knowledge to do so. So, that’s where the innovators come in; people who have been  educated or pushed themselves to learn about the problems Bali faces and different ways to help the environment that surrounds them. One of the groups that involve many of these people is called Permablitz.








Permablitz is a direct action movement that involves more than one person to act upon a mission inspiring a sustainable and Organic lifestyle. People from all over Bali, from different parts of the globe freely become involved with hands on gardening: turning a back yard or urban area into a productive food garden, building structures out of Ancient old systems that use nothing but the earth, along with connecting people and encouraging creative expression in the process.This is one of the many groups in Bali that offer a fantastic way to get involved with the local community while gaining skills to grow your own food at home using simple permaculture principles.








After living here for over two years it is incredible what I have learnt just from immersing myself in my surroundings and trying hard to meet different people and communities such as Permablitz. Since I am originally from a  culture and lifestyle where sport and extra- curricular activities was priority, I didn’t  give myself any time to find out who I was as a person, or what my true passions were outside of everything I was forced to learn. Coming to Bali enabled me, and everyone I know my age, to find out what they could truly exceed in outside of a system that doesn’t give you that chance. So, I implore everyone reading to try something you wouldn’t normally try because it could completely change your  life for the better. 


About Author

My name is Oscar O’Shea. I am a 16 year old from Australia and now live in Bali Indonesia, I have been living here for two and a half years and am lucky enough to go to the Greenschool which is an international school located in sibang kaja. I enjoy surfing, film making and doing new things!

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