Innovative Approaches Towards Sustainable Shelters


Being born to architect parents, I have been exposed to and have had the opportunity to interact with thinkers from all over the world on different innovative approaches to sustainable design.

It is interesting to notice that from lions living in caves, owls making their homes inside the tree trunk, to spectacular termite cathedral mounts, all living beings create and choose their shelters for one basic purpose – survival.

All living beings EXCEPT – human beings.

Shelter, through the evolution of mankind, has evolved into an expression of aesthetics, culture and power, and has become a symbol of social and economic status. We humans have been the creators of the most unusual structures for living, from Igloos to enormous palaces to modern day wonders like the Burj Khalifa.


However, this enormous spectrum of creation has also resulted in a disparity where 1/10th of our population resides without a roof over their heads, in uninhabitable living conditions. Hence, there is a need for different possible innovative approaches to ensure sustainable housing for all.


My blog will focus on my journey exploring sustainable housing for all, and shed light on innovative systems already existing in different parts of the world.

To get things started, listen to this TED talk by Iwan Baan, where he talks about how people all around the world have been improvising with the conditions surrounding them to create unique spaces of living for extremely low costs.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on the architecture of one of the Greenest Buildings on Earth- the Green School, where I am currently a senior student! 


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A native of India, I'm currently a senior at the Green School, Bali. My interests range from anything between music, art and sport to science, design and enterprise. I'm a die-hard Chelsea FC fan and music-lover. I also am the lead guitarist of the band 'Nasi Campur'.

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