Recreational Drugs: Natural vs. Synthetic


Warning: The subject I’m going to talk about is controversial and has many sides to it. I’am not advocating drug use that is not the purpose of this blog post. I’m writing this because I believe it is a relevant topic that can be applied to the whole world.

Drugs. There are many different kind of drugs. There are natural drugs and more processed drugs. There is ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, ice, meth, LSD, and many other’s. Some drug’s are of course more dangerous than other’s, take for example heroin, one hit and you are addicted it’s a lot more dangerous than say, cannabis, which has been proven to not be addictive.

In my opinion, I think that natural drugs, are a lot better than chemical ones. Albeit they are both dangerous. I think that drugs are not the best way to deal with things and people that do it just to be cool are not the smartest but no judgment. I think drugs are never the answer, but I do think that if you really must, then natural drugs are a lot safer than chemical ones.   The reasoning behind that statement is that many drugs such as Molly (Street name for ecstasy) have a lot of chemicals and dangerous things in them. Sometimes people unknowingly could buy something a lot more dangerous than they think.

The most common reason for the deaths caused by Molly is that the people didn’t know what was in the tablet and they were allergic to the ingredients. And since they were intoxicated they were not able to reach medical/professional help. Not to mention in many of the chemical drugs that are sold are not what you were told. Many people have died from overdoses since people put diluting ingredients in the drugs which milled the effects and since the people didn’t feel anything they took more and overdosed.  Mixing drugs is also quite popular and dangerous. Not only is it irresponsible since the intended dose for ingestion was raised, it’s dangerous since the drugs might react negatively towards each other. Natural drugs are of course also dangerous but I do believe that they pose a smaller threat.

Here on Bali there are different types of penalty’s for different types of drugs Group 1 drugs are viewed by the Indonesian government as therapeutically useless with a high potential for causing addiction. Group 1 drugs merit the hardest sentences – life imprisonment for possession, and the death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. Some drugs from the Group 1 classification are  heroin, cocaine, marijuana(which is not really right since it has been proved that cannabis in itself is not addictive), hashish, mescaline, MDMA.

Group 2 drugs are seen by the law as useful for therapeutic purposes, but dangerous due to their high addictive potential. Some drugs from the Group 2 classification are morphine, methadone, oxycodone. And Group 3 drugs are seen as therapeutically useful and moderately addictive, but not to the same degree as the drugs in Group 1 or 2. Possession for Group 1 drugs on Bali is punishable by 4 to 12 years imprisonment, trafficking is punishable by 5 to 15 years of imprisonment. Group 2 drugs are not as bad as group 1 but the punishment is pretty close. Possession of Group 2 drug could earn you 3 to 10 years imprisonment and trafficking group 2 drugs is punishable 4 to 12 years.   Group 3 drugs have the softest punishment although it still is pretty harsh. For possession you could be sentenced 2 to 7 years and for trafficking 3 to 10.  I wouldn’t recommend coming with drugs to Bali since the punishment is pretty intense. But while drugs such as heroin and MDMA (ecstasy) can earn you life in prison, Magic Mushrooms are legal in Bali and can be found in many places.

The drug subject is very controversial and this is my opinion, there are many different opinions and there is no right or wrong. I think that one of the ways to help with the drug problem not only here in Bali but also in the world is to remake the way we classify drugs. I do not think that a drug such as marijuana should be classified in the same ranks as heroin. They are both of course drugs but that is where I think the ranking system is flawed. Sure they are both drugs but they are very different. Heroin is a drug that causes you to become addicted after one shot, while marijuana is not actually addictive, the high it gives of is. And in my opinion I don’t think that a natural drug that is not directly that bad should be ranked with drugs that cause death, for various reasons.

I think that we have to educate not only ourselves but also others on the long term affect of different drugs and how each on affects us. I also believe that we should re-clasiffy the way we rank drugs. We are putting a natural plant in the same rank as a drug that includes, Tyramine, a food substance that can induce migraines, which is dangerous for people taking MAOI antidepressants, Sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda, Magnesium silicate, also known as asbestos, Magnesium sulfate, also known as epsom salts, and Salicylamide, a non-prescription pain reliever. I don’t really think that is fair.   But of course this is my opinion, you have your own and other people have other opinions too. What’s your opinion on this matter? Please comment your opinions on this matter, I would love to hear them.

                                             -Best Wishes



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