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This is going to be a fantastic weekend.  Not only will I celebrate my 40th Birthday with a big party full of friends, but I get to GO TO WORK ON SATURDAY!!!! We are hosting our third “Green Educator Course” at the school and I honestly cherish the opportunity to connect with people who come from all over the world who want to learn about and experience the Green School approach to education.

My “students” are always a compelling group.  Last time I met three guys from Bangladesh who were previously not educators, but architects charged with building a Green School for orphans outside of the city.  I met women who were about to build a Green Montessori school in a barn outside of Amsterdam and I met the man who has recently become the Head of Green School and my new boss (John Stewart actually attended the past two Green Educator Courses and we wrote a reggae song together about bananas).  There are homeschool parents, local Balinese and Javanese teachers…an interesting group.

Last course was geared toward Early Years and Primary Teachers and this weekend will be full of Middle School and High School educators. All of the presenters are Green School Teachers and we teach what we do at our school and how and why we do it.

I know Pak Noan will be there and hopefully he will present his coconut thematic where students explore every aspect of the coconut…eat its flesh, extract its oil, discuss its politics and the economic implications of the coconut, climb trees, play music on its shells etc.

I am a Performing Arts teacher and I will present a program I have been developing with our school counselor, teachers and administrators on how I use Drama to address some of the common social and emotional issues in Middle School and High School.  I will also touch on integrating Specialists into classroom thematics, which we have gotten quite good at here at Green School and we consider best practice.

If you would like to attend one of our future courses, you can always check on our website: and if you are on Facebook, you can join our Green Educator Network and read posts about past and future events.

Here is a video from our last Green Educator Course:

And some photos as well:

Focus Circle

One of the best parts of the workshops is connecting with the diverse group of people who come from so many unique backgrounds and experiences.

Green Educator Course…Herb Walk

There is a great balance between getting out in Nature and working within the bamboo buildings in focus groups and discussion circles. Here participants have a chance to learn about native plants with a local herbalist and healer who often comes to work with our students in Green Studies.

Green School Permaculture with Orin Hardy

Participants get to work with Orin, our permaculture specialist. He and his team have been working on our food production volumes and best practices around the school. Here he invites Green Educators to get their hands dirty in our food gardens.


Ibu Muria shares a thematic unit about practical fairies which offers the perfect blend of magic, stewardship, good citizenship and wonder.

Climbing the coconut tree

Participants see how high they can go.




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